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No luggage worries! Once again a good example of how night trains are used by travellers - and unfortunately how often this is ignored by rail companies! Paris to Venice, between Paris & Turin because it goes through the centre of Lyon, the TGV Business class Paris to Italy, without the There are already plans to extend the service to Dresden and . It can book the Frecciarossa & Trenitalia book from Paris to Venice, Florence or Rome (or vice versa) 1 outbound and 1 inbound train a day between the 2 cities, 7 days a week. Many trains in Italy and beyond offer a discounted fare between 30% & 50% off the Adult fare for Children. see the London to Italy page. European train booking opens, See There is no food or drink Personal experiences and general information about this night train: schedules, ticket prices and the types of accommodation (couchette or sleeper). Paris to Turin by Frecciarossa is 739 km (459 miles). with good reviews. The Nightjet is BB 's sleeper train that connects destinations in Austria to other major cities in Germany, Switzerland and Italy. Check trains for your date at it's an exhilarating high-speed dash from Paris to Lyon at up to 300 km/h (186 4 people I'd recommend 4 seats around a table (4-seater or family The InterRail or Eurail Pass must be valid for Italy and/or France; The pass shall be in course of overall validity at the departure date; Flexible passes: No need to fill in the date box in the travel calendar of the pass; 1st class passes: can book both sleepers and couchettes; 2nd class passes: can book couchettes only. Until they learn not to do this, I strongly recommend avoiding Since December 2021 they've faced competition from two Frecciarossa high-speed trains run by Trenitalia (Italian Railways). Switzerland doesn't charge tolls on highways but you'll need to purchase a special vignette for your car when you cross the border that costs 40 Swiss francs, or roughly $40. Thank you! Save precious travel time by moving from one destination to the next while you sleep. ticket gate barcode scanner any time up to 2 minutes before the train goes and on the seat back illuminate whichever way round the TGV enters service. website, in . Cabins are air-conditioned and come with linen and blankets. Vitesse, a high-speed train run by SNCF (French Railways). 1st class international passengers on the TGV can use the Overnight sections on those journeys usually take place within Italy on Intercity Notte trains, not on high-speed trains. number may not be posted until 20 minutes before departure, but the departure policy. Re: Thello Sleeper Train Paris-Milan. (3) Executive class passengers on the Frecciarossa can use the 1. The Thello company is part of Italys Trenitalia railway group. Most European students have spring break during this time and all methods of transportation will be more expensive or even booked up, so plan out far ahead if traveling in the spring. Amazing deals on tours, transfers, and more offers wider seats with more leg-room, with a mix of face-to-face tables for two, tables for 4, and unidirectional seating with 2-abreast From Paris to Milan and Venice by Thello Night Train For less than 150 euro ($160), I had my own spacious compartment. Did you know that you can fall asleep in Paris and wake up in Milan? Just 10 seats per train, but if you can afford it you won't Copyright 2023 Trainline.com Limited and its affiliated companies. Cabins are air-conditioned and have a private shower with towels, a wash basin and water closet. See Learn more about rail passes. All cabins are air-conditioned and some even have a private shower, washbasin and water closets. There's a The EuroNight Croatia runs from the Croatian capital of Zagreb to Munich in Germany. a few dates instead of the 07:25, check times when you book. Were suckers for trains but the journey was a bit long and would eat up an entire day of our limited vacation. must-see attractions that all visitors must experience. See the Just so you know, Matador may collect a small commission from the links on this page if you decide to book a stay. There are no normal seating cars. Read about the route, reservations, and more info. WiFi: SNCF So a 20-minute connection would be fine, if The Hotel Parisianer is a four-star hotel located near the Gare de Lyon (only a seven-minute walk). Are you sure you want to continue? Thank you! In the following a short overview. This particular train picks passengers up in Paris and Dijon, and then stops in Milan, Verona, and Venice. dishes. The dining car served plenty of quick options, from hot sandwiches to little snacks. The trip from France to Italy was therefore calm and relaxed - I slept through from the stop in Dijon. Weve listed some of the main sleeper trains running across Europe below. For all practical purposes Executive class includes a more comprehensive food & drink service. Santa Claus Express night train The Santa Claus Express travels from Helsinki to snow-covered Lapland in the north. All you need is a valid passport that doesn't expire for at least six months after your travel date. short illustrated guide to Paris Gare de Lyon. Milan Porta Garibaldi These cabins are economical for groups and some reserve compartments for ladies only. Head to Paris's Gare de Lyon, where the trains set off each night between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m., and arrive at various Italian cities from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. Thello, a partnership between Trenitalia . SNCF has a fleet of 6 TGVs Thello train tickets are personal and are valid only with ID card and must be booked in the same name as the reservation. randomly replaced by the 12:10 on weekdays on various dates, it's a mess. Paris to Florence, The fastest and most comfortable way to travel from Paris to Rome is by taking the TGV high-speed train. Special fare seats are largely available on Thello! We loved the whole experience and started booking more train travel for subsequent vacations. you can take what you want onto the train, nobody will weigh it or measure it Paris and Milan each have three local airports, some of which are more local than others. The solution? Here the trains leave for southern France, Italy, Switzerland and Spain. The normal sleeping car compartments have toilets on the corridor, but look like the premium ones. Couchette coaches are the most economical way of travelling overnight in Italy. restaurant in Hall 1 of the Gare de Lyon before catching the Italy Express? Add up all of the extra costs to get the final price and then compare prices. The best place to wait for the :). 1871, this the oldest of the large tunnels be helped out, but legally you have no rights (more All cabins are air conditioned, can be securely locked, and have a call button for assistance. has to use the classic line as it isn't fitted with the Travel in comfort from Spain to Portugal without those queues at the airport. Those train journeys take between 10 and 14 . They're Cabins can also have intercom service and all will have a call button for assistance and safe boxes for your valuables. Travel by night from Budapest, Hungary to Bucharest, Romania in approximately 17 hours. PARIS to BARCELONA by sleeper train | Times, prices, tickets Are you sure you want to continue? SNCF's PARIS to TURIN & MILAN by high-speed train | Tickets from 29 The 2-bed sleeper compartments are available from 85 euros. Small booking fee. Thello Sleeper Train Paris-Milan - Paris Forum - Tripadvisor It is the quickest option at less than 10 hours. Note: An ItaliaPass does not entitle customers to use of passholder fares. There is no direct sleeper train from Paris to Milan. and Trenitalia (Italian State Railways), but since 2011 they've been run Thello Paris to Venice train. A selection with prices in parenthesis: peanuts (2) / croissant (1.50) / club or vegan sandwich (5) / ham and mozzarella or cheese platter (12) / lasagne, canelloni or risotto (9) / water 0.5 (2.50) / beer 0.33 (4.50). On a recent Europe adventure, we needed to get from Paris to Milan. simple meal at your seat, around 18 Executive class at one end If you dont want to pay for a berth, you can opt to spend the night in a regular seat. The EuroNight Metropol is a comfortable night train that connects five impressive European capitals. Paris to Milan by train. If you are flexible, it is worth comparing prices on different days. 186 mph, past fields, woods and pretty villages after calling at Lyon St Finally, I booked through the Trainline website, because the process there is very easy and clear - also the payment. You can board this service from the main hubs in the country like Vienna, Villach and Linz and wake up in amazing destinations like Berlin, Hamburg, Florence and Rome to name afew. Whichever operator you choose, The TGVs have been in service for a decade or two. What is important to know, is that some trains are not genderedspecific. How Is the Train From Paris To Rome and Other Italian Destinations styled by designer Christian Lacroix, watered-down by recent Hotels near Milan Centrale with good reviews Eurail or Interrail pass. It was early, but having the Duomo to ourselves was worth it. Frjus Rail Tunnel, also known less However, if using the TGV you can avoid having to change Some deluxe sleeper cabins even have theirownshower and toilet for total privacy during your journey. In Italy, Frecciarossas Paris to Turin by Frecciarossa is Join our Newsletter for exclusive discounts, inspirational travel content And a change towin 2x Eurail Passes! The confirmation came promptly from the conductor: "The restaurant is out of order." Book your train tickets now with ItaliaRail! no check-in for either TGV or Frecciarossa, you can wander off the street, onto the station concourse, see drink service included in the fare, served at your seat on proper china. Without light and everything - at least once I went through. Check trains for your date at www.raileurope.com or www.thetrainline.com . See 8. cities served by our Paris-Nice overnight train. Find some of the most popular routes below, get inspired and start packing your suitcase. Frecciarossa train run by Trenitalia (Italian Railways) historic concourse with platforms A to N and the famous The TGV may leave from Hall 1 or Hall 2, A sleeping compartment should be the one for me. Restrictions and rules apply. minute walk from Milan's When we got back to our sleeper, our beds were made and we hunkered in for the night. All Frecciarossa fares are refundable less 20%, so can be cancelled & changed. car width so there are 'solo' seats and face to face tables for two on one side Read about routes, reservations, facilities, and services. Please note there is currently no sleeper service running to Milan, Venice or Rome. Freccia Club lounge at Milan Centrale. BB Nightjet BB Nightjet trains are operated by the Austrian railways. of the train. You only get a discounted ticket.